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Methods to Select superior SD C4 Star Diagnosis SDConnect MB Star C4

MHHAuto Mb Star C4 Mercedes Benz Star Diagnosis SD Connect C4 Practical experience Sharing

There are a great number of kinds Auto key Programmer MB Star C4 SD Connect Multiplexer in the market, tips on how to decide on a very good Star Diagnosis SD Connect Multiplexer? Below share a Star Diagnostic SD Connect MB Star C4 Mux recognize guide as following. That is sharing from MHHAuto forum, superb Mercedes Star diagnostic SDconnect SD C4 tools experience sharing.

MHHAuto Thread: SD Connect C4 - avoiding garbage

I’m within the industry for an SD connect C4 mercedes benz Star Diagnostic Tool and have been attempting to invest my time doing some homework to avoid finding a garbage unit. I absolutely can have an understanding of what plenty of consumers have been saying about the broadly varying quality that’s out there. I am a EE and PCB designer, so I’m trying to make use of that understanding to select the very best unit that I can.

To that end, I’m going to share what information I’ve collected so far, and when I finally find yourself ordering what ever unit I do, I’m going to accomplish a full teardown on it and post the outcomes here.

As yet another matter, I’ll openly post details on who I decide to purchase the unit from and impressions following receiving it.

Near as I can tell at this time, there appear to be about 4 “factories” that make different units.

1 issue I’ve been asking all of the sellers for (and I'd encourage other individuals to perform precisely the same) is photographs with the actual MB Star C4 SD Connect unit (which includes PCBs) having a special identifier inside the photo to prove that the unit they say they're going to send me may be the actual 1 they send me. Obviously, some sellers immediately bail at this, but then you know who to avoid ahead of time.

Generally, a great deal of the elements used within a Star diagnostic tool SD C4 on Multiplexer are finding quite lengthy in the tooth. Quite a few from the components are approaching 20 years of age. Thus, you stand a fair danger of receiving pulls (utilized parts) and/or remarked parts on these.

In following posts, I’ll produce photographs of what I can discern as variations between the MB Star Diagnostic SD Connect C4 units as well as some commentary about what ever info I can give at this point.

to, I’ve outlined some issues I really feel are essential to note. They've a set of 4 analog switches on the PCB. Within this photo, they may be ADG426 from Analog Devices. I’ve noticed some clones that use DG526CY from Harris/Intersil. The DG526CY, apart from being completely obsolete, has an common RDSON of 270 ohms vs 80 for the Analog Devices aspect. In addition, it has a -55dB isolation vs -75dB for the AD element. In short, the AD component is just a considerably much better mux. So with that stated, I'd insist on any unit I’m interested in applying these.

A second thing you will notice would be the use of can crystals exactly where four pin variants have been intended. This can be just sloppy and low-cost. There may possibly also be problem with loading (and in the end clock stability) based on whether they matched the loading caps to the substituted crystal or not.

I haven’t had a set of pictures high res adequate to appear at the rest in the actives in detail but, as most sellers do not look to post them.

There’s also a problem pointed out around the bottom in the board where among the list of (what appears to become) MOSFETs in (what seems to become a) D2 PAK appears like it was hand soldered. Once more, no beneficial.

This subsequent photo is from the relay Star Diagnosis SD Connect PCB- I assume among the MHH members posted this from an original SDC4.