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Autel MaxiSYS Elite No Communication Message


If the MaxiSys Display Tablet is not connected to the VCI device, an “Error” message displays. An “Error” message indicates the display tablet is not communicating with the Autel MaxiSYS Elite, and so cannot gain access to the vehicle control module. In this case, you need to do the following check-ups:

1.Check if the VCI device is powered on.
2.In case of wireless connection, check if the network is configured correctly, or if the right device has been paired.
3.If during the diagnosis process, the communication is suddenly interrupted due to the loss of signal, check if there is any object that causes signal interruption.
4.Check if the VCI device is properly positioned. It is recommended to put the VCI device with the front side up.
5.Try standing closer to the VCI device to obtain more stable signals, and faster communication speed.

6.In case of wired connection, check the cable connection between the display tablet and the VCI device.
7.Check if the green LED on the VCI device is illuminated for BT, Ethernet, or USB.
8.Check if the Error LED on the Autel Maxisys device is on, this may indicate there is a communication error between the devices, in this case try re-establishing the connection again; if this does not work, there may be a hardware problem with the device, in this case contact for technical support.

B If the VCI device is unable to establish a communication link, a prompt message displays with check instructions. The following conditions are the possible causes for this massage to display:

1.The Diagnostic Scanner VCI device is unable to establish a communication link with the vehicle.
2.You’ve selected a system for testing that the vehicle is not equipped Incorrect vehicle identification was entered.
3.There is a loose connection
4.There is a blown vehicle fuse.?
5.There is a wiring fault on the vehicle, or the data cable or adapter.
6.There is a circuit fault in the data cable or adapter.
7.Incorrect vehicle identification was entered


Autel Maxisys Elite with Docking Station and Bluetooth OBDII Connector

Autel’s most complete diagnostic tool for cars sold in the USA is the MaxiSys Elite. This model replaced the Autel MS908P about a year ago.   Amazon, eBay and other websites are selling the same model for about $50 more that Best Value Company.   Although we collect sales tax on sales made to California customers, CnAutotool will collect sales tax to all customers in states where sales tax is applicable.


The Autel Elite features a charging cradle (sometimes called a charger or docking station).   The Autel OBD2 is wireless via Bluetooth.   The tablet uses a standard Android operating system so you are able to watch YouTube videos or browse the web.

The unit is not listed on our site, but we stock it and sell it.

It includes a 2-year subscription and warranty, high resolution screen, docking station, J2534 box, and is supported by Autel US. Since 2009, AESwave has been an authorized reseller for Autel North America.

Plus, we let you choose which VCI to include:
– the Mini VCI
– the large VCI with 4-ft cable

Also, at no extra charge, AESwave includes the two cables required to flash BMW F-chassis:
– the BMW Ethernet cable
– and an Ethernet to USB Adapter cable

Click here for more information about our Original Autel MaxiSYS Elite


Customer Test Testimonials For Autel Maxisys Pro And Elite

Autel Maxisys Elite (Upgraded Version of MS908P Pro) with Wifi Bluetooth OBD Complete Diagnostic Scanner with J2534 ECU Programming

Coming from a snap on verus decided to look for a brand new diagnostic tool that wouldn't break my wallet and decided to take it for a spin. I could do all the things the verus can do and more due to the fact it comes with all the passthrough, performs bi directional tests even turn on the wippers or honk the horn. Just about every test imaginable could be created with the maxisys pro or Autel Scanner elite for 1/3 in the price tag of a brand new verus. Ive had a maxisys pro because it can out it has performed flawlessly , ideal. I own a tiny repair shop ranging from american to import automobile from gas to diesel (ford powerstroke & dodge cummins) and have never had problems.
When you buy it new you will get 1 year of unlimited updates to new tests or new vehicle info after registering your scan tool around the autel pro page . After that year you will go for the pro autel page and simply pay the fee for another year update. For the pro its 1,299 yearly but its up to you. You dont have to pay it for the scan tool to continue to work. I havent updated mine in almost 2 years and performs neat everyday. Now i have acquired the new elite version with the pro with a brand new android better camera and with a faster processors. It just works. In all my 12 years as a tech ive used different scan tools and had never seen one as good as the maxisys pro and elite from . Now that i have both i will be giving the pro to my employee and the elite for me. Thank Autel for making such excellent products.
So i received my elite scanner very quickly. Customer services contacted me by email to see if their product had met my expectation. I like the truth that they contacted me and i havent seen that before.
Now continuing on the scanner i post photos on the differences between the new Elite and the Pro (which i use everyday on my shop)
The screen is brighter mainly because is retina display (substantially like an ipad).
The bootup process is very very faster than the pro. The pro aprox 30 secs of boot up and 5-8 secs around the elite.
It has one a lot more usb that is very usefull for connecting a mouse or a keyboard.
On the outside you will see is considerably thinner, lighter and rubber protection (feels far more like hard plastic but its rubber) around the sides not on the corners like the pro (which are real rubber).
Around the top right corner there is a led light that indicates the battery life which is great when you have the screen off. Around the pro you have to turn the screen on to see battery life.
The elite come with a docking station where you can charge it of leave it out of harms way.
Im very impressed with my purchase. I hope this helps given that when i purchased my pro the lack of information produced me hold of a small bit but tool a leap of faith.