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Lonsdor K518ISE Program Maserati Sensible Important 2016

This Lonsdor K518ISE guide file,it generally includes 4 components: Function, Operation, Focus, and Reference.

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1.The backup immodata: please refer for the “Operation” to backup immodata, just after that system and delete key is often proceed;
two.Add clever important: to program clever card, add essential and all important lost have the identical operation;
3.Delete clever essential: delete all of the programmed wise cards.


1.2016- Maserati (Ghibli, Quattroporte, SUV: Levante) desire to dismantle & read the onboard computer(ECU) data to get PIN code;
2.Levante ECU located in the rear cover top of the car:

The on-board computer of Ghibli and Quattroporte are located in the rear windshield, the former needs to dismantle from

the rear seat(see below). The latter needs to dismantle from the trunk audio position,then you will see the on-board computer.

1.Backup immodata (as shown below)
2.Connect K518ISE from main host to KPROG adapter, and connect 12V power supply (must use K518ISE dedicated power supply);
3.Weld the eight feet chip (95640) on the “E-01 board”;
4.Click the menu to start backing up the data.
5.Data backup complete, please weld the chip back towards the onboard computer and install well;


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