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WiFi GM MDI Multi Interface GDS Tech2Win review

GM MDI (Basic Motors Various Diagnostic Interface) with WiFi is definitely an interface in between your automobile DLC and a Pc (by wired USB, wired Ethernet, wireless Ethernet ) and TIS2web.

Auto Scanner Tools GM MDI scan tool can certainly test all of the GM car or truck from 1990 to 2013( Supports 2010-2012 Australia Holden).

Are attainable for SPS programming on present as well as future SGM vehicles.
Essential for diagnostics on new SGM International A Electrical Architecture Automobiles.
Utilised with TIS2Web, GM International Diagnostics Method (GDS), SPS and MDI Manager Application.
Enables for GDS diagnostic.

GM MDI on China clone Working effectively. Tested with GDS2 v.12.

Device works with GDS2 (Opel).
Device works with Tech2Win. (Opel, Hammer)
Device not operates with SAAB by way of Tech2Win.

Price tag: USD259 + shipping price(determined by your nation)

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The MDI came able to use with all the software installed. It worked due to the fact I already had Tech2Win, GDS2 and GM MDI Manager installed on my laptop. It performs really properly and I have no problems with it. The product image in the time I order showed the cable keeper, A/C 12 volt adapter and numerous diagnostic interface user’s guide CD that is utilized to set up the MDI manager application on your laptop. These items were not integrated. It also said it was Wifi but didn't come with a wireless card but using a wireless interface rather. You will discover two versions of GM MDI interface on China market, less expensive MDI significantly less than US$180 with only USB connection along with the other extra pricey with wifi wireless connection.

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