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Ways to use GM MDI to perform SPS Programming?

GM MDI is definitely an interface between the automobile DLC and a Pc (by wired USB, wired Ethernet, wireless Ethernet ) and TIS2web.It really is with 30 languages readily available to choose,and assistance with wifi,but now you need to get wifi card or you could have the wireless card oneself.

Advisable setup and configuration:
? Place the Techline Pc next to or inside the car (if it is a Techline laptop laptop).
? A laptop computer should be plugged in to ensure the laptop battery shall be maintained through the programming event.
? Connect the Computer to the Internet/TIS2Web by way of a quality LAN cable or dependable Business enterprise Grade Wi-Fi access point.
? Connect the Pc towards the Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) applying the USB cable method.
? Connect a Midtronics? GR8 (Critical Tool EL-50313), set up in Power Provide Mode, or an authorized Midtronics? PSC 550 Battery Maintainer (SPS Programming Assistance Tool EL-49642) or equivalent to retain right battery voltage for the duration of programming when required.
? To ensure the laptop remains active, adjust the Microsoft Windows? “Power Solutions.” Choose the “High performance” energy program and set it to “Never” sleep in either ‘On Battery’ or ‘Plugged In’ modes.

2.Advisable Procedure Rationale
For the duration of SPS programming, the expected data/calibration files are retrieved from the TIS2Web server. They are downloaded fully, verified and cached onto the Techline Pc just before module programming can start. When prepared, programming continues using these cached files along with the necessary information is then transmitted from the Pc towards the vehicle module by way in the Auto key Programmer MDI and DLC.

If an error or connection problem occurs for the duration of file retrieval, it may be necessary to restart or recover and carry on retrieving the required files. If a communication error develops whilst transmitting to the car, there is a danger of damage for the automobile module that may very well be unrecoverable. Given that of this, a USB connection from the Techline Pc to MDI from can be a very best practice.

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