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Launch X431 V 8″Tablet Scanner Car list and How to Update

Most clients desire to know which automobile model can Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet supported , in fact you can check it on launch web site straight

Some buyers will also concern in regards to the update for launch x431 v , we’d like to tell you that it support 2 years totally free update on the net now , so how you can update it ?

You could download and update the newest diagnostic .apk at , its very easy .

But some clients asked that when the “Diagnostic” icon was deleted, tips on how to restore it ? Please dont be concerned , you'll be able to open official, login together with your ID and password , click on “Download software” then “V for Android” to download the newest .apk .

Actually, the package of Launch X431 launch x431 V 8’’ involves a “Quick Start out Guide (EN) and user manual ” , you may stick to it to operate

By the way , this Launch x431 v 8’’ can help some particular functions : Brake reset, oil reset, SAS reset, BAT reset, bleeding, Elec.trottle RLRN, TPMS reset, DPF Reg, Gear study, IMMO

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